Alcohol Ink, Encaustic Art, Custom Made Scarves 

Toby Weitzman has been creating art for 30 years!

custom Art Scarves Alcohol Ink Encaustics Israeli Art
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Hello! I’m Toby Weitzman, an artist working with Alcohol Ink, Encaustics, Acrylic, and Pastel. My passion lies in creating surrealistic art expressing universal and personal life experiences.


I specialize in abstract, otherworldly and fantasy art that allows you to travel to another place, a place you can connect with. My intention is to bring out the fragility of life and release our subconscious to wherever that takes us, allowing us to feel deeper and go higher.


Art allows us to express and honor the heartfelt joys and losses of our lives.

“I found that I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way, things I had no words for.”


Georgia O’Keeffe

custom Art Scarves Alcohol Ink Encaustics Israeli Art
custom Art Scarves Alcohol Ink Encaustics Israeli Art

Toby Weitzman has been creating for 30 years, whether designing decor for her catering company, writing essays to advocate mental health, or working with acrylics, encaustics and her latest choice of medium, alcohol ink.


        Her degree in Social Work from Hahneman Medical College has also given her experience to work with clients through art therapy. She has taken extensive art classes and is also self-taught.


        While art has always been an integral part of Toby’s life, the loss of her son in 2015 propelled her work to a deeper place of passion, rawness, and intensity. Her goal is to express herself through her life
experiences which she believes are universal.


        Besides painting, Toby spends her time writing essays, playwriting, painting and spending time with her family.